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Communication Devices and Computers

Hardware Episode(s) Comments

portable video communicator 1

portable video communicator 2
(1) The Mystery of the Lizard Men, (2) The 'Q' Missile Mystery, Pirates from Below, The Invisible Monster The ultimate in personal communications, this portable videophone has still to be equalled in the real world. It could function as a normal phone as well as feed images from a second source of input, such as a video camera. This little device was so handy, one wonders why Dr. Quest bothered to yell from the lab balcony as he did in "Double Danger"!
There were two versions.(Thanks to John Clark for mentioning the larger version, and sending the image.)

Shortwave radio
Pursuit of the Po-Ho, The Invisible Monster

sentinel's radio
Q Missile Mystery (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

tape camera
Q Missile Mystery Forerunner to today's video camcorders; big and bulky, but it got the job done. And if it wasn't for that awkward cord, we might never have known Lt. Sing was a bad guy.(Thanks to Nelson for the image)

The Dreadful Doll (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

skull radio
The Dreadful Doll Comm device hidden in a fake voodoo practitioner's skull accessory. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Mystery of the Lizard Men Unitized Neutronic Information Center; the world's first desktop computer, with voice-activated input and artificial intelligence to support natural human speech recognition. Speed of analysis allows answers to be given almost immediately upon reception of the question/problem posed.
Pronounced with a soft C, so that it sounded like the female name Eunice. In fact, if you add the word "electronic" (a reasonable addition, IMHO) to the front and use both the letters C and E from "center", you would have EUNICE.
In the "Mystery of the Lizard Men" Gold Key comic book, it was called UNIS!


Hardware Episode(s) Comments

oceanic research vessel
The Mystery of the Lizard Men, The Dreadful Doll (bottom image), Dragons of Ashida, Skull and Double Crossbones (top image) Jacques Cousteau, eat your heart out!

diving bell
The Dreadful Doll Another nifty device for serious marine studies.

The Dreadful Doll

enemy submarine
The Dreadful Doll It seems you can't be a bad guy without having a submarine! (Thanks to John Clark)

personal sub
Skull and Double-Crossbones Just make sure the big fish don't think it's a small fish!

Coast Guard boat
Skull and Double Crossbones Complete with a cannon, and siren, plus a long-handled hook for retrieving scuba-diving dogs. (Thanks to John Clark)

pirate's boat
Skull and Double Crossbones (Thanks to John Clark)

underwater prober
Pirates from Below Fully armored, equipped with mechanical arms that could be used to remove a squid from the viewport, crush an enemy mini-sub, cut through a steel-cable net, and pick up Bandit by his collar. Built like a cross between a tank and a submarine, it had an airlock for easy access while submerged, and tank-like treads to propel it across the sea bottom. It was to be turned over to the U.S. Navy as soon as Dr. Quest had worked all the kinks out.

enemy boat
Pirates From Below Too bad this nice little craft got blown up. (Thanks to John Clark)

enemy mini-subs
Pirates From Below Neat designs for sleek-looking personal subs! (Thanks to John Clark)

enemy submarine
Pirates From Below wonders what happened to this sub after the bad guys hijacked the underwater prober! (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

the "Sea Quest", a sailing research vessel
Attack of the Tree People Destroyed by an accidental fire off the coast of Africa. Dr. Quest was apparently fond of the vessel; he stated "I'm going to miss you, old friend" as they abandoned ship when the fire raged out of control.

commercial ship
Attack of the Tree People The captain of this ship pulled Dr. Quest and Race from the sea after the "Sea Quest" sank, then helped with the search for the boys and Bandit. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

The Mystery of the Lizard Men, Pirates from Below, Terror Island The all-purpose high-speed boat, for both serious and fun use.

The Mystery of the Lizard Men A cool add-on accessory for the hydrofoil, this allows water skiing at high-speeds!

enemy submarine with elevator tube
elevator tube close-up
The Mystery of the Lizard Men A must have add-on accessory for any submarine, this allows easy access to the surface without having to get wet! (Thanks to John Clark)

enemy pursuit boat
Mystery of the Lizard Men (Thanks to John Clark)

US Navy icebreaker
Arctic Splashdown

enemy submarine
Arctic Splashdown

enemy submarine
House of the Seven Gargoyles Just don't park under an overhanging glacier if you can't keep the noise down! (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

House of the Seven Gargoyles (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

reporters' electric boat
The 'Q' Missile Mystery (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the images)

Quest's electric boat
The 'Q' Missile Mystery (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the images)

enemy pursuit boat
The 'Q' Missile Mystery (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

police boat
The 'Q' Missile Mystery (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

Jade's "junk"
Terror Island (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

Terror Island (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

Chu Sing Ling's boat
Terror Island (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

The Amazon Queen, a paddle-wheeled river boat
Turu the Terrible (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

Pursuit of the Po-Ho, Treasure of the Temple, Turu the Terrible Primary locomotion for native peoples, but used by the Quests on occassion as well.(Thanks to John Clark)

speed boat
Pursuit of the Po-Ho Although not normally recommended, one can go body surfing behind this boat, if one has a decent mat to ride on and a good strong hold on the tow rope.


Hardware Episode(s) Comments

rocket-styled jet plane
Double Danger, Pursuit of the Po-Ho, Shadow of the Condor, opening and ending credits For the globe-trotting scientist who can't wait for the next available commercial flight.

VERTOL aircraft
The Invisible Monster, Monster in the Monastery, The Sea Haunt This VERtical Take Off and Landing craft is handy for those landings with no runway available, such as remote Himalayan villages, abandoned ocean freighters and the like. Destroyed in "The Sea Haunt" by the deep-sea monster.

I-1 VERTOL aircraft
The Riddle of the Gold This alternate version of the vertol, which apparently doesn't need wings, was flown by Mr. Corvin.

small two-engine propellor-driven airplane
A Small Matter of Pygmies A small, rather experimental-looking plane.
Destroyed when it crashed into the jungle.

small jet aircraft
The Fraudulent Volcano Similar in size to the VERTOL airplane, which replaced it.
Destroyed by Dr. Zin's inertia ray.

rented bi-plane
The Devil's Tower Great for those quick jaunts to two-mile-high plateaus. (Thanks to John Clark). The plane is a de Haviland "Tiger Moth", a training airplane made in England from 1931 to around 1945. Painted yellow in the episode, this is just as it would have been when used as a trainer. (thanks to Dale Patterson)

Sea plane
Mystery of the Lizard Men, Arctic Splashdown Used for both rescue and reconnaisance.(Thanks to John Clark)

Fokker D-7
Shadow of the Condor This is the plane the Baron flew; well, until a condor decided otherwise.(Thanks to John Clark)

Shadow of the Condor This is the plane the Race flew, empty guns and all.(Thanks to John Clark)

Jade's helicopter
Double Danger (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

Pasha's helicopter
Calcutta Adventure A nice bright red helicopter with "Pasha Peddler" lettered on the side...Pasha was always ready to make a deal.(Thanks to John Clark)

Enemy fighter plane
Calcutta Adventure With a nose-mounted gun; has a little difficulty flying in wooded areas.(Thanks to John Clark)

Government plane
Mystery of the Lizard Men Interesting design... (Thanks to John Clark)

Enemy planes

showing launch from sub
Arctic Splashdown These planes were launched from a submarine! Their wings folded up for transport, and they launched from the sub after being raised into position.(Thanks to John Clark)

American fighter planes
Arctic Splashdown (top image), The Robot Spy (bottom image) The same planes were seen in both episodes. (Thanks to John Clark)

The 'Q' Missile Mystery (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

House of the Seven Gargoyles (Thanks to John Clark; thanks to Nelson for the image)

(image forthcoming)
A Small Matter of Pygmies (Thanks to John Clark)

portable rocket packs
Turu the Terrible, The Invisible Monster What kid didn't dream of flying using one of these cool gizmos! Only make sure your "ON" switch works before landing in front of any ravaging energy monsters!

Werewolf of the Timberland, ending credits Who needs off-road trucks when these babies are available! No jarring jolts or uncomfortable bouncing over rough terrain; just glide along smoothly, road or no road!

Invisible Monster (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

enemy hovercraft 1
Pirates from Below Jonny called these the most advanced hovercraft he's ever seen (although they look an awful lot like the ones Dr. Quest and Race used in "Werewolf of the Timberlands" the week before), and these disk-shaped flying platforms were very manueverable. And easy to operate, too. Jonny flew one steadily enough to allow Race to shoot out the searchlights of the pursuing hovercraft.

enemy hovercraft 2
The Fraudulent Volcano These small two-man flying platforms were used by Zin's henchmen.


Nelson wrote to me with the following question:"There are 4 episodes which have distinctive-looking automobiles, all seemingly based off a real machine. Does anyone know what car was used as the model?" He later wrote and sent in the following image of a Mercedes-Benz 770K Grand Cabriolet 1930-43, which seems to be a close match. What do you all think? Anyone have any definitive information?

Anyway, here are the four automobiles as seen in the episodes.
Hardware Episode(s) Comments

vintage automobile
Calcutta Adventure (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

vintage automobile
House of Seven Gargoyles (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

vintage automobile
Q Missile Mystery (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

vintage automobile
Shadow of the Condor (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

Other Vehicles

Hardware Episode(s) Comments

snow skimmer
Arctic Splashdown The Florida airboat adapted for snow travel; perfect for high-speed escape attempts and creating mini-blizzards. Capable of speeds up to 100 m.p.h.!

snow goose
Arctic Splashdown A general-purpose machine for travelling over snow and ice; kinda like a modern SUV on tank treads.

Terror Island Handy for smashing through walls and crushing giant spiders. Comes with front blade that doubles as bullet shield for those baddie-chasing adventures. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

Terror Island A neat way to get around those crowded Oriental cities. Just be careful you don't go too fast down a large hill leading to a pier and the ocean -- the brakes aren't all they could be. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

Other Devices

Hardware Episode(s) Comments

Dr. Zin's intertia ray
The Fraudulent Volcano This device was remarkably similar to Dr. Quest's para-power ray (see below); its beam was invisible, and was used to bring down the Quest's plane as they flew near its secret base of operations. It may have been developed after Dr. Zin saw Dr. Quest's invention in "The Robot Spy"; it was destroyed along with the rest of the base.

sonic projector
Calcutta Adventure This portable gadjet looked like a movie camera, but instead of pictures, it produced ultrahigh-frequency sound waves. Developed by Dr. Quest to demonstrate the power of sound waves for scientists at the University of Calcutta, it eventually saved the Quests by triggering an avalanche that stopped the bad guys.

fire bomb
The Fraudulent Volcano This rail-riding device was invented by Dr. Quest to safely "blow out" fires such as those experienced sometimes on oil drilling platforms. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

para-power ray gun
The Robot Spy This device was supposed to drain the power from electrical devices, leaving them inoperable but not destroyed. Dr. Zin thought so highly of this invention that he sent a robot spy to try to learn its secrets. The para-power ray, while successfully stopping the robot spy from returning to Dr. Zin, still did not meet Dr. Quest's expectations, since it destroyed the robot instead of just disabling it. The device was only marginally portable; it had to be driven around to where it was to be used, and required a lot of power to operate.

robot spy
The Robot Spy This device was developed by Dr. Zin as a tool to steal the secrets of the para-power ray gun from Dr. Quest. Built in the shape of a sphere with four retractable legs and two sensor tentacles, it was nearly indestructible, withstanding rifles, flame-throwers, tanks, and electrified fences. It could observe its surroundings through a camera "eye" and broadcast what it saw back to Dr. Zin's lab. Dr. Zin could also talk through the robot to taunt his enemies. The sensor pads could also render people unconcious with a touch. It was very powerful, able to crash though thick concrete walls. It was finally destroyed when Dr. Quest's para-power ray gun brought down its delivery craft as it tried to escape.

robot delivery craft
The Robot Spy This device was developed by Dr. Zin to deliver the robot spy to its intended target location. It travelled silently and swiftly, and was able to make semi-intelligent evasive maneuvers if necessary. Shaped like a wedge or triangle with a circular cabin on the top, it was about 30 feet long from nose to tail, and about 20 feet wide at the base. Jonny thought it looked like some kind of spaceship. Destroyed by Dr. Quest's para-power ray gun.

Laser cannon
Mystery of the Lizard Men (Thanks to John Clark)

Erikon anti-gravity device
House of Seven Gargoyles Lots of wasted storage around your rafters? Use this handy device to store your cannonballs or other unsightly items up high where they won't be in the way. Be sure to keep the batteries charged. (Thanks to Nelson for the image)

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