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Classic Jonny Quest Friends and Colleagues
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Name Episode(s) Comments

The Mystery of the Lizard Men, The Riddle of the Gold One of Race's colleagues at Intelligence One

(on the right, with Corvin, left)
The Mystery of the Lizard Men Another of Race's colleagues at Intelligence One

(images courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Mystery of the Lizard Men Part of the crew that maned the ship Dr. Quest used to investigate the "red beam of light" mystery.

The Mystery of the Lizard Men, Arctic Splashdown These two fellows really got around! In Mystery of the Lizard Men (top image, with blue sky), they were the Caribbean-based search-and-rescue crew that found the Portuguese-speaking sailor after his ship was destroyed by the laser; in Arctic Splashdown (bottom image, with cloudy gray sky), they flew air cover for Dr. Quest's party as they raced toward a downed missile in the Arctic.

rocket scientist
(top, from Arctic Splashdown; bottom, from Double Danger)
Arctic Splashdown, Double Danger An unnamed fellow scientist who apparently was one of Dr. Quest's close colleagues. In Arctic Splashdown, he was working with Dr. Quest on the latest version of a rocket guidance system. He warned the good doctor that other parties might be after the downed missile, and suggested that he take precautions. In Double Danger, he was working with Dr. Quest in trying to find ways to help astronauts spend extended periods of time in space.

ship captain
Arctic Splashdown Took the Quest party as far as his ice-breaker would go, arranged for air support, and helped build a catwalk to the downed rocket.

Dr. Emil Hartmann
Pursuit of the Po-Ho One of the two men in the world (Dr. Quest's the other) who can speak the Po-Ho language. Captured by the Po-Ho to be a sacrifice to their fire god.

Drena Hartmann
Pursuit of the Po-Ho Wife of Dr. Emil Hartmann; she radioed Palm Key for help when Emil was captured by the Po-Ho.

Professor Gundersson
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Riddle of the Gold Inventor of the process that made a kind of fake gold called zanium; captured by Zin and his cronies and forced to produce fake gold for them.

rescued native
Treasure of the Temple After being rescued by the Quests, this noble native lead them to safety when they'd been imprisoned by the bad guys.

Pasha the Peddler
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Calcutta Adventure Hadji's "old and venerable" friend who was not above making a small (?) profit while at the same time helping the good guys foil the plans of the bad guys. He also made it possible for Dr. Quest to formally adopt Hadji by getting all the paperwork taken care of.

various base personnel
The Robot Spy Did everything within their power to aid Dr. Quest in his conflict against Dr. Zin's robot spy.

(aka "Jezebel" Jade)
(bottom image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Double Danger,
Terror Island
Jade was an old acquaintance of Race Bannon's from his intelligence operative days, and still maintains an "on-again, off-again" relationship with him. Operating in the more shadowy arenas of the world, she was based in Hong Kong, living on a boat. Her contacts allowed her to learn of threats against the Quest team, and she played an active part in at least two adventures of the team in the Far East.

Although her nickname was listed in several sources as "Jezebel" Jade, this appellation was never used in any series episode dialogue. Doug Wildey, in the first half of the Comico Jonny Quest comic book, issue #1, uses "Jezebel" Jade, so I guess that's canon, at least! Also, numerous production character model sketches of Jade drawn by Wildey include the Jezebel. Some post-CJQ sources have reported her last name as Kenyon, but this is not considered to be canon, as stated in the following note from Lance Falk:

The Kenyon handle was baggage she acquired from Golden Quest which has nothing to do with CJQ...bad info from later versions has migrated into style guides and the like but the final authority is those 26 episodes. Anything else (yep. Even my own stories) are variations.
Her real CJQ name is 'Jezebel' Jade. (Quotes included since it was what Race liked to call her and the nickname stuck). Doug told me that her actual last name is her own secret and even 'Jade' might be a self-imposed nickname.)

Shadow of the Condor Initially mysterious and aloof, the servant of the deranged Baron showed his true colors by warning the Quests about the baron at his own peril.

Superintendent Owens
Skull and Double-Crossbones "The law" in that part of the Caribbean, he came to the rescue when pirates threatened the Quest expedition.

Coast Guard crew
Skull and Double-Crossbones The able-bodied Coast Guard crew who took charge and rousted the pirates holding the Quests hostage.

Phillipe Lore
The Dreadful Doll Plantation owner whose daughter was at first thought to be under a voodoo spell; lent his hired man to Dr. Quest to help him track down the people responsible.

The Dreadful Doll Hired hand for plantation owner Lore, he himself fell victim to a drugged dart, but recovered with the assistance of Dr. Quest and became part of the team to bring down the bad dudes.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Dreadful Doll Daughter of plantation owner Phillipe Lore, she fell victim to a drugged dart, but recovered with the assistance of Dr. Quest. She kissed Jonny and Hadji on the cheek for their part in the adventure, but the boys declined to return the favor, at least for the time being. They did suggest that a ten-year wait ought to be sufficient.

rescued pygmy
A Small Matter of Pygmies Once again, the Quests proved that no good deed goes unrewarded, as this pygmy they rescued from an attack by a leopard later proved instrumental in their escape from the more nasty pygmy tribe leader and his gang.

Dragons of Ashida This native of Ashida island narrowly escaped being killed by dragons, and after swimming to the Quest boat, tried to warn them of the danger on the island, saying Dr. Ashida was a very bad man. They let him stay on board while they visited Dr. Ashida.

Turu the Terrible One of two native brothers who had brought Dr. Quest samples of trinauxite. When Aku's brother Nuago was captured by Turu, he led Dr. Quest back to the "Land of the Turu" to attempt a rescue.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Turu the Terrible One of two native brothers who had brought Dr. Quest samples of trinauxite; captured by Turu and forced to work in Deen's mine atop the plateau where Turu lived, until Dr. Quest and Race appeared on the scene.

riverboat captain
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Turu the Terrible This salty character was willing to take the Quests upriver in his flat-bottomed boat, and didn't back down even when they ran into attacking crocodiles and a pteranodon.

Governor of the island
The Fraudulent Volcano Called in Dr. Quest to investigate the strange goings-on around the Bahiti island volcano called Mt. Tahawa.

White Feather
Werewolf of the Timberland Native of the north woods who helped the boys when they were captured by gold smugglers.

Grey One
Werewolf of the Timberland Grey timber wolf who was the companion of White Cloud; drove off the bad guy trying to scare off the Quests in a werewolf costume.

ship captain
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Attack of the Tree People Captain of a ship off the coast of Africa who aided the Dr. Quests in his search for his kidnapped sons.

Dr. Isaiah Norman
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Invisible Monster Colleague of Dr. Quest who was working with molecular energy; unfortunately he created a living energy force which consumed him.

Commissioner Wa
The 'Q' Missile Mystery Commissioner of the Quetong police force who suspected shady dealings in Quetong swamp and asked Dr. Quest to investigate.

Dr. Eriksson
(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The House of Seven Gargoyles Colleague of Dr. Quest whose experiments with practical anti-gravity made him the target of some unscrupulous characters.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The House of Seven Gargoyles Colleague/assistant of Dr. Eriksson.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Terror Island Jade's maidservant on her boat in Hong Kong harbor. She told Race where Dr. Quest was being held out of concern for Jade's welfare.

Raj Guru
Monster in the Monastery An old friend of Dr. Quest who asked for help in dealing with an apparent infestation of "abominable" characters.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
Monster in the Monastery Another monk in the Tibetan monastery; apparently the Raj Guru's assistant or aide.

(image courtesy Paulo Brandão)
The Sea Haunt Found hiding (and freezing) in a ship's hold, this oriental man aided the Quests in their struggle to stay alive despite the predations of a deep-sea monster.

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