Classic Jonny Quest
Japanese Recordings

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The tracks below are from the Japanese "sonosheet" retelling of "The Robot Spy". We acquired them from the CD "The Jonny Quest 0-37 Files - The Complete JQ," Disk 1.

The Robot Spy, introduction (0:48, 755k)
JQ theme music, vocals (1:23, 1.3 meg)
The Robot Spy Part 1 (2:05, 1.9 meg)
The Robot Spy Part 2 (4:09, 3.9 meg)
JQ theme music, instrumental (2:01, 1.9 meg)

There was another sonosheet recording that retells the story of "The Mystery of the Lizard Men," but we don't currently have the audio. It's very likely that the theme music was used there as well.

Jonny Quest was broadcast in Japan as "Kagaku Shounen J.Q." ("Science Boy J.Q.") from Jan. 29 to June 25, 1965, at 19:30 (7:30 p.m.) on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Network Channel 6.

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