Classic Jonny Quest
Japanese Comic Sonosheet Book 1965

A very nice copy of this rarity was offered on eBay in October 2007. Seller "kenta_jpn" from Japan provided the details and photographs below in his/her ad.

Published in Japan in 1965
Number of pages : 12
Approx size : 19.0cm x 19.0cm / 7.5" x 7.5"

Jonny Quest Comic Sonosheet
Jonny Quest TV shows came on Japanese TV in 1965 on TBS Network, under Japanese title "Kagaku Shounen J.Q." (Science Boy J.Q.)

For more information and to hear vocal and instrumental versions of the Japanese Jonny Quest theme song, read our page on the Japanese recordings.

On the front cover page, it says:
Kodama Manga Series J.Q.
Adventure Manga J.Q.
Drama: "Satsujin Kousen" ("Death Ray")
Let's sing! J.Q.
Serialized in the comic magazine "Bokura" ("We are")
Nationally televised on TBS Network
(Kodama is an old publishing company.)
("Bokura" is a 1960s popular comic magazine series.)

On the first page, written in English as...
Trademark of Screen Gems , Inc.
Kodama Press Co., Ltd.
Authorized User
Hanna Barbera Productions Inc. 1965

Read the panels from right to left, top to bottom.

Inside back cover
Back cover

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