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Classic Jonny Quest
Thanks to Heidi Schreiber for the scans of the article.

Ye gods! Since when was Jonny a "Li'l Admiral"? Oh, well, at least part of this artwork has a basis in reality. The large shot was adapted from a publicity painting by Doug Wildey. More of the distressingly-un-Jonny artwork can be seen on the cover of the March 15, 1966, Ecran television guide from Chile.

Aside from several glaring errors, the article in the L.A. Herald-Examiner guide was pretty neat -- and the illustrations are by Doug Wildey. The shot of Jonny and Hadji's levitation trick is part of a larger scene painted by Wildey, as seen in this black and white copy of the full image. The image with the shark is promotional artwork by Doug Wildey, as seen better in this signed copy.

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